Here you will find goop that’s been in my head, plopped out, and which you can slurp up into yours.

Another Poem

Circling, ever moving seeking, never finding Growing louder, the din of battle the unchanging songs of strife the battle joined, taking your place upon the line holding fast, pushed back, surging forward, repeated over again Offering up the children to the Red King,...
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Hiding under boughs
winning with her bow
She took a bow
can’t decide on a beau

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A Poem

O, how I long for you when e’er we are apart I return and its as though time waited for us Frozen ’til my return All I build is through you You are the foundation Why did I wait so long When you were always there Waiting there patiently For me to download...
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Dr. Slamhammer saying something. Again. Him always talk. Him like talk. Mongo not like talk. Leaky pipes drip on Mongo’s head. Mongo just henchman. Mongo not allowed to move from spot. Mongo contemplate upkeep cost of Evil Secret Underground Lair. “Mongo!” Him...
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Questing Is My Business

It was a typical March morning, the rain just this side of annoying, so that you had to take a step just a bit bigger than normal in order to avoid the fresh puddles. I knew I was relatively sober because I wasn’t wearing my clothes from the night before. My...
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Hard Snow

The blood in the snow looked like a Cherry Icee©. Blitzen lay dead, shot through the heart by a high powered marshmallow gun. None of the other reindeer claimed to have heard the shot. Typical. I took one final drag of my candy cigarette before starting to chew the...
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The Magicky World of Wizz-Wu

In the Magicky World of Wizz-Wu, under the shadow of the Levitating Mountains, between the Sortilegium River and the Forests of Trismegistus, lived a daydreaming boy named Bricklebrack. Bricklebrak never told anyone his dreams. Not his mom, not his best friend, the...
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The Scummy Detective

She had a face like a butt. She entered my office without even knocking on the door. I paid good money for that door. The door was kind of the point of the office. “Nick Caliber?” she asked.“That’s what is says on the door.”, I replied. “It doesn’t say anything on the...
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(Yet Another) Detective Story

The sound of rain against the windows of my office seemed to fade as she entered. She was beautiful, of course, with great legs and a fragile confidence ready to crumble. The fragile confidence wasn’t visible (not like the legs), but my clients were always beautiful,...
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The Dog-Faced Detective

I hate you. How can that be, you ask, you’ve never even met me. Oh, but I have. I’ve seen your face, your eyes staring at me, judging me, mocking me, pitying me. I’ve seen you nudge your friend and tell him a joke out of the corner of your mouth, your eyes never...
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